Terms of Service

Mymontmartretours.com has simple, human-friendly terms of service.

( The kind of terms of service that doesn’t involve printing 50 pages, using Ctrl+F, and reading extra-small characters )

The Terms of Service are divided into 8 sections. Please, read them carefully and contact us if you have any questions!

1 ) Definition of the parties

A ) Mymonmartretours.com :

A private walking tours company offering tours in Montmartre in English and French, which has all the legal authorizations to provide the service

B ) The customer :

You as individual, group representative, or corporate entity if you book for another individual, group or entity

2 ) Description of the service

A ) Mymontmartetours.com offers private walking tours in English and French, in the area of Montmartre. The tour includes a visit of the Hill, historical comments and anecdotes, pauses and, in the case of the Montmartre Food Tour, food stops at places that the guide is familiar with and confident into. Quality matters!

B ) The participants to the tour are exclusively from the same group, unless requested and agreed by the participants. The group cannot exceed 7 people.

C ) The walking tour usually starts from Abbesses station but can be modified by MyMontmartreTours.com if necessary.

3 ) Conditions of service

By booking a private walking tour, you accept without reserve the following conditions :

A ) Your physical condition allows you to join the tour, which includes long distance walks ( around 1km ), staircases ( 2 or 3 maximum depending on the chosen route ) and steep streets.

B ) You are not under a medical treatment that could prevent you from doing the tour as described above.

C ) You take all necessary dispositions to be on time at the designated meeting point and inform us if you were delayed.

D ) Inform us in case of food allergies or restrictions so we can organize the tour accordingly.

E ) Children can join the tour without any specific restrictions, but you agree to take all the necessary dispositions so they can follow the itinerary and ensure that they will be able to handle long distance walks.

By accepting the booking, MyMontmartreTours.com accepts without reserve :

A ) To take all the necessary dispositions to provide the walking tour

B ) To inform you before the tour with a maximum of advance in case of exceptional event preventing us from doing the walking tour

C ) To take all the necessary safety measures regarding the itinerary

D ) To inform the participants by email, text message or Whatsapp about any change related to the meeting point if the case happens

E ) To organize pauses in order to keep the experience enjoyable. Pauses can also be requested to the guide if you feel the need.

4 ) The booking process 

The Montmartre Walking Tour can be booked using the booking form, by email, Whatsapp and text message.

Receiving the confirmation by any electronic means involves full understanding and acceptance of the Terms of Service

The booking confirmation will contain all the necessary details such as the meeting address, a contact number, and the total price

5 ) Reschedule, cancellation process & policy

You can cancel the tour anytime by contacting us. We simply kindly ask you to do it at least 1 day in advance.

MyMontmartreTours.com can also cancel the tour if unexpected events arise ( such as but not limited to strikes, national events, events in the hill of Montmartre )

If MyMontmartreTours.com decides to cancel the tour, the team will do its best to inform you at least 1 day in advance. In case of a cancellation, you agree not to leave a negative review or feedback under any form on any platform, and which can hurt the reputation of the company.

In the case of a prepayment, any cancellation leads to a full refund if the walking tour hasn’t been provided and if you informed us at least 1 day before the tour. If you inform us on the same day, 50% of the prepayment will be refund. If MyMontmartreTours.com cancels, the full payment will be refund in any case.

6 ) About your safety

MyMontmartreTours.com will do its best to provide a maximal level of safety by choosing the best possible itinerary, and inform you when possible about potential risks when visiting a touristic area

You agree to be extra careful about your personal belongings such as your cellphone, wallet, purse, bags, passports… Montmartre is a very safe place, but pick pockets can be anywhere. Cellphones and wallets should be in your front or inside pockets, bags and purses should be closed and kept close to you. MyMontmartreTours.com cannot be held responsible for any loss occurring during the walking tour.

7 ) About the payment

Payment is generally made with cash after the walking tour to the guide, but a prepayment can be requested by credit card. In case of a prepayment, a payment link will be sent by email and the full amount has to be credited at least 1 day before the walking tour. VAT cannot be applied to the service under art. 293 B du CGI 

8 ) Legal requirements

MyMontmartreTour.com Private Guided Tours is authorized to operate as a guided tours company :

Company ownership : M. Marc Vernhet 

Company registration number : Siren 532 071 438 

Headquarted at : 3 rue Saint Charles 75015 Paris France

Insurance no : 75639305X002


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